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9301 W Tillamook Dr - Boise, ID

MLS ID: 98629127
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Reasons to Buy a Home

coolsummerAre you among the millions of people considering buying a home in Idaho? Despite record low mortgage rates and exceptional pricing many potential buyers are delaying their decision to put their name on the dotted line.

So what’s keeping them on the sidelines? Reasons vary from fear of an unstable market, uncertain job situations, to simply being afraid they might not qualify. Here are a few reasons I’ve compiled to help dispel the rumors and put those worries at rest – Top Reasons to Buy a Home:

Predictable Costs.
Gas and grocery prices fluctuate wildly, especially after this Summer’s drought season in our countries heartland, but a fixed mortgage rate is as steadfast as can be. Your mortgage payment generally will be x amount for the life of the loan – it’s easy to predict and to plan ahead, even in difficult times, to keep this obligation.

Build Equity.
When you write a check to a landlord you are essentially paying THEIR mortgage, their income, and getting really nothing much to show for it in the long run. Rent paid is money you never get back. Owning your own home means you are building your own equity, your own future strength and every mortgage payment brings you one step closer to truly owning a tangible piece of the American dream.

The government likes homeowners. You can deduct the interest you pay each year on your home loan; you can deduct the cost of your property taxes as well in most cases. Going green? There are extra deductions available for making energy-efficient upgrades as well!

Warm and Fuzzy.
You know all about some of the financial reasons owning a home is a good idea, but did you know that homeowners generally rate themselves as feeling happier and healthier than those who rent? In part this may be due to the sense of stability that owning a home provides. When you plan to be in a home you own you make more lasting relationships in the community and this can lead to a greater enjoyment of the simple things.

Home prices are moving up; as this happens the value you’ve paid into your home essentially increases. Home prices are currently already up nearly 10% over what they were last year – meaning a home bought for $100k in 2011 could now be worth $110k just by being there. Over the years your home should gain in value, meaning that should you ever decide to sell down the road you could be in for a healthy profit just for making the payments…you’ll get no such stipend from renting!

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